…the holy catholic church, …

Why does the creed include the “catholic church” when many Christians repeat it every Sunday in Protestant churches everywhere? To start with, let’s notice that the word “catholic” is spelled with a lower case “c.” Next, let’s check a dictionary to … Continue reading

…[Jesus is coming again] …to judge the living and the dead.

Jesus is coming again! Christians all around the world rejoice in eager anticipation of the return of their Savior and Lord. They know that there are rewards awaiting them and that they will enjoy eternal life in Jesus’ glorious presence. … Continue reading

…and [Jesus] will come again…

and will come again

After the Disciples watched Jesus ascend into heaven, two men dressed in white robes (angels?) appeared to them and told them that Jesus would come again the same way he left. See Acts 1:9-11. As they recalled the things Jesus had told them, they … Continue reading