Goals of BB4Y

Bible Bites 4 You, written by Janice D. Green, is in its infancy. Planned posts will address the Christian faith in a systematic and bite-sized way to help new believers and seekers develop a biblically based handle on what the Christian faith teaches and why. I will include apologetics to help Christians gain confidence God’s Word as a reliable guide for making decisions in today’s world.

I have nearly completed a series of bite-sized posts about the Apostles Creed as endorsed by most Christian denominations.

I am also considering a series of posts on the Beatitudes and topics discussed in the “Sermon on the Mount” – the basic teachings of Jesus.

I may write about baptism. However, I don’t want to draw hard and fast conclusions on that subject. For that reason I may either not discuss it at all, or invite persons from various positions to share in turn their points of view on the topic. When there are scholars with so many differing perspectives on this topic, I don’t feel I should attempt to draw any absolute conclusions here, but leave it up to my readers to come to their own conclusions.

I would be interested in reading your suggestions in the comments below for topics that you feel would be helpful for anyone who is seeking to better understand the Christian faith.