…[Jesus is coming again] …to judge the living and the dead.

Jesus is coming again! Christians all around the world rejoice in eager anticipation of the return of their Savior and Lord. They know that there are rewards awaiting them and that they will enjoy eternal life in Jesus’ glorious presence. … Continue reading

…and [Jesus] will come again…

and will come again

After the Disciples watched Jesus ascend into heaven, two men dressed in white robes (angels?) appeared to them and told them that Jesus would come again the same way he left. See Acts 1:9-11. As they recalled the things Jesus had told them, they … Continue reading

…[Jesus Christ] is seated at the right hand of the Father, …

Is seated at the right hand of the Father

What does that mean? …seated at the right hand of the Father. Two things come to mind for me: Jesus is the most highly exalted being in all the heavens and earth. The Father God of the universe has reserved the throne … Continue reading

…he [Jesus] ascended into heaven..

he ascended into heaven

Jesus appeared to many people after he rose from the dead. He ate with them and helped them to understand how from the beginning the scriptures had prophesied not only his coming, but that he had to suffer and die. He … Continue reading