…the communion of saints, …

The communion of saints

Jesus initiated what Christians call communion at the Last Supper with his Twelve Disciples. (See Matthew 26:26-29.) Yet there is a broader definition of the word communion that also helps us understand this phrase in the Apostles Creed, and that is intimate fellowship between people, especially spiritual fellowship.

When the New Testament writers used the word “saints” they generally referred to the believers – those who had joined the body of Christ. Today Protestants see all committed believers as saints while Roman Catholic believers reserve the word Saint for Christians who have exceeded the norm in many ways including performing miracles. Continue reading

…the holy catholic church, …

the holy catholic churchWhy does the creed include the “catholic church” when many Christians repeat it every Sunday in Protestant churches everywhere?

To start with, let’s notice that the word “catholic” is spelled with a lower case “c.”

Next, let’s check a dictionary to see what the word catholic means. Continue reading

I believe in the Holy Spirit,

I believe in the Holy Spirit

Jesus talked about the Spirit often with the Disciples. In John 6:63 Jesus taught that the Spirit gives life and that his words are full of the Spirit and life.

Before Jesus crucifixion he told his Disciples that he was going away, but that he would send the Holy Spirit to help them in many ways. John 14:15-21 describes the Holy Spirit as an advocate–the Spirit of Truth. John 14:26 calls the Holy Spirit our Advocate who will teach us and remind us of what Jesus has said. Continue reading

…[Jesus is coming again] …to judge the living and the dead.

to judge the living and the deadJesus is coming again! Christians all around the world rejoice in eager anticipation of the return of their Savior and Lord. They know that there are rewards awaiting them and that they will enjoy eternal life in Jesus’ glorious presence. Read 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 and Revelation 22:12.

But not everyone will rejoice when Christ returns. Continue reading