I believe in God, THE FATHER…

The FatherGod presents himself to us as our Father. Isaiah wrote “And yet, O Lord, you are our Father.” (Isaiah 64:8a NLT)

Psalm 68:5a identifies God as “Father to the Fatherless…” This implies orphans and anyone abandoned or estranged from their earthly fathers. God is our perfect Father in this fallen world. Continue reading

I believe in God…

I believe in GodFirst and foremost Christians believe in God. God is the first being in the Trinity.

The first four words of the Bible in most translations are “In the beginning God…” (Genesis 1:1a) This is perhaps the most basic concept in the entire Bible. In the beginning nothing existed but God. Continue reading

The Apostles’ Creed, Ecumenical Version

Apostles Creed - whole

I would like to begin this blog series by looking at some basic beliefs of the Christian faith as it has been understood over the centuries by the leaders of most of the Christian churches. My intent is not to teach any specific denominational doctrine, but simply to lay a foundation that is consistent with most Christian denominations. It is my firm commitment that Christians need to spend more time seeking to find where they agree instead of nit-picking over their differences.

I will publish my first series of posts based on the Ecumenical version of The Apostles’ Creed Continue reading

The First Christmas – a series of posts

10871324_sI wrote a series of posts about the first Christmas on my blog, Bible Bites 4 Teens. These posts are equally appropriate for this new blog.

I broke the Christmas message down into several segments to offer multiple opportunities throughout the Christmas season to draw hearts (including family time settings) into the reason for the Christmas celebrations. I included suggested dates to read the posts for the benefit of those who might want to spread them out for devotions another year.

You may click on the links below to read these posts.

Post title Date to read post
Messiah… anticipating Advent December 1
Gabriel visits Zachariah December 5
Gabriel visits Mary December 10
Mary visits Elizabeth December 14
Mary returns to Nazareth December 17
Joseph’s dream December 20
Mary & Joseph travel to Bethlehem December 23
No room in the inn December 24
Birth of the Christ Child December 25 am
Angel Appears to Shepherds; Shepherds Find Baby Jesus December 25 pm
Wise men discover Star December 26
Baby Jesus circumcised – prophets recognize him as the Messiah January 1
Wise men and King Herod January (first Sunday)
Wise men present gifts to Christ Child and return home a different way January 6
Angel warns Joseph in a dream; Holy Family flees to Egypt January 7